YAVIJAVA is an OpenSource JAVA SDK for VMWare vSphere. YAVIJAVA is compatible with version 4, 5, and 6 of vSphere, and is a drop in replacement for VIJAVA based projects. YAVIJAVA offers several benefits over the OpenSource VIJAVA it was forked from. See the table below for a list of features.

Feature YAVIJAVA Version Availability Supported vSphere Versions
Logging using log4j framework ALL 4+
Easily build jar files using gradle ALL 4+
Reset Alarms from red to Green 5.5.07+ 4+
Ability to provide custom HTTP clients ALL 4+
Full support for vSphere 6.0 6.0.01+ 4+
Basic Java Doc support ALL (constantly in progress) 4+

Many bugs have been fixed along the way as well including exception handling, ssl reuse & global context manipulation and many more! One of the most important things about YAVIJAVA is that it has a very active opensource community behind it! We cant do it with out YOU though! We need your helping growing our great community! Join our chat room, help answer questions on the issue tracker, submit pull requests, report bugs, send us sample code! The most successful opensource projects are successful because of a great community, so please join ours and help today!

Download Information

To download YAVIJAVA you have several options. The first and most commonly used method is to obtain the package from maven. If you have a pom based project simply add:
Where VERSION is the actual numbered version you want to use.
If you have a gradle based project the process is very simple as well. Just add:
            compile 'com.toastcoders:yavijava:VERSION'
Again making sure where VERSION is the actual numbered version you want to use.
These will be the best methods because they will resolve any dependencies for you automatically. Another method you can use is to download the source release from the releases page on github. If you use this method you will need to build the jar file on your own. Thanks to gradle that is simple. The gradle wrapper is included in the source download so once you unpack the source simply execute:
            For Linux:
            ./gradlew build

            For Windows:
            gradlew.bat build
A JDK is required to build the jar, but gradle is not. The jar will be built with Java 1.6 compatibility.
Finally the last option is to download the source directly from github by cloning the repository. If you choose to use this method be aware that the "gradle" branch is where the current production code lives, any other branch is either stale from the import of vijava from SVN, or is experimental and currently under development. The instructions above for building from source will work when choosing this method, just check out the branch you want to use, and build it.

Development of YAVIJAVA is done using a copy of IntelliJ Idea generously provided by JetBrains

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